Contemporary Art Share Moments. Share Life. In Retrospect

In december 2020 I’ve self-published (Dark Editions #01)
a  three booklet publication with each one photographic series.
Contemporary Art
40 pages, 11 images
Share Moments. Share Life.
48 pages, 10 images
In Retrospect
40 pages, 12 images
Text by Danielle van Ark
Edition 500
21 x 27.5 cm
Designed by Mainstudio
Cover; Popset ultra red, old gold, riviera blue,
Interior printed on Ibo 60
€ 22.50
When interested send me an email or visit

‘Memorabilia’ (the Merch Table)

For my exhibition @tegenboschvanvreden last October (2019) I made a work called ‘Memborabilla’ (the Merch table).
This work functions two ways, as an installation but it’s also hybrid. The merchandise is directly responding on the exhibition.
The sweatshirts and t-shirts are individually for sale and are depicting elements that can be seen in the exhibition, my initials and the year 2019 of the exhbition – XXIX.
I am silkscreen printing these pieces myself, I still have various sizes left and I can also silkscreen on demand. Please get in touch when interested in ordering something
Prices are ex shipping costs.



Contemporary Art



The below images are a part of my series ‘Contemporary Art’ (2016 – 2018) and are taken from the pages of art-auctionhouse catalogues.

I photographed these pages (analog on 4 x 5″ negative) in front of a lightbox. They show artworks by mostly well known artists – morphing together as one ghostlike image they are not just their own representation anymore.
The reproduction of the reproduction (my work) goes into a dialogue with these existing works and what they represent.
The images question authorship, authenticity and status and value.

I made a special edition and the sales profits will benefit the funding for an upcoming book I am working on.

Lot 306 + Lot 305 (Jim Dine & Leon Polk Smith)
Lot 296 + Lot 297 (Sarah Lucas & Rineke Dijkstra)
40 x 50 cm / 15.75 x 19.7 inch
Archival Pigment Print
Edition of 100, numbered and signed.

For further information visit or
send me an email at daniellevanark(@)
lot-dva Lot-306-+-Lot-305

click on image to enlarge
(note that colors can look different on your computer)


Silkscreen print signed by 14 great artists and me


I have a thing for group photo’s with high powered people in it, and a thing for autographs, especially the autographs of artists. I came across this beauty, the ‘Artists in Exile’ exhibition catalogue, dated 1942 signed by all the artists in the exhibition. In this exhibition the works of 14 artists were represented at the Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York. Amongst these artists were Piet Mondrian, Max Ernst, André Breton and eleven more. All middle aged, white men, art stars who had fled the war in Europe. In conceiving the exhibit, Pierre Matisse had arranged the display of a single work finished after arrival in the United States. Marcel Duchamp came to act only as an observer and “watched the ballet of jockeying for position that took place between each photographic take.”

Now, I want this catalogue desperately, I need these autographs!
I want to use them for a new work. This catalogue costs $ 4999.99 ( € 3653.09). In an ideal world I would buy it right away but I can’t. I am only able to buy this catalogue if I could sell the work I am intending to make with it.
A silkscreen full color print of the signed page, size approx 60 x 70 cm (just the autographs, not the photo).
Signed and in edition of the amount of people who buy the silkscreen.
If I can mobilize enough interest in this print, I will be able to buy the catalogue and realize this silkscreen print.
The cost of this print will be € 150,-  ($ 200,-)

Please get in touch with me if you are interested asap. Ebay doesn’t wait.

EDIT: this goal is reached! (2015)