Silkscreen print signed by 14 great artists and me


I have a thing for group photo’s with high powered people in it, and a thing for autographs, especially the autographs of artists. I came across this beauty, the ‘Artists in Exile’ exhibition catalogue, dated 1942 signed by all the artists in the exhibition. In this exhibition the works of 14 artists were represented at the Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York. Amongst these artists were Piet Mondrian, Max Ernst, André Breton and eleven more. All middle aged, white men, art stars who had fled the war in Europe. In conceiving the exhibit, Pierre Matisse had arranged the display of a single work finished after arrival in the United States. Marcel Duchamp came to act only as an observer and “watched the ballet of jockeying for position that took place between each photographic take.”

Now, I want this catalogue desperately, I need these autographs!
I want to use them for a new work. This catalogue costs $ 4999.99 ( € 3653.09). In an ideal world I would buy it right away but I can’t. I am only able to buy this catalogue if I could sell the work I am intending to make with it.
A silkscreen full color print of the signed page, size approx 60 x 70 cm (just the autographs, not the photo).
Signed and in edition of the amount of people who buy the silkscreen.
If I can mobilize enough interest in this print, I will be able to buy the catalogue and realize this silkscreen print.
The cost of this print will be € 150,-  ($ 200,-)

Please get in touch with me if you are interested asap. Ebay doesn’t wait.

EDIT: this goal is reached! (2015)